Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Well, that was certainly entertaining.

Although, perhaps entertaining isn't the correct word. More like... so annoying that I wanted to punch a kitten... and kittens are pretty cute!

So, I did in fact blow up my power supply. Thankfully, my dad had one he lent to me, so we installed that, la dee da, then I found out my windows was corrupt. Reinstall, dum de dum. Oh, what's this? My wireless dongle won't work? Well that sure is grating. Get a new one, doo do doo, Oh? It won't pick up my router's wireless signal?


oh, and also, I think my sound card is buggered.

If one more thing, one SINGLE more thing goes wrong, this computer is going out the window. I swear to god. I've had to use an ethernet cable to just plug my computer straight into the router.