Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Haven't posted anything in a while, not that i've even really been busy... haha.

Might just post some good shit i've stumbleupon'd... (click bold for links)

'A fun beat from outer space (an experimental improv jam)'

Now this is a tune and a half... fair play to the lad, he seems to be doing what he loves, and he's good at it. Would think about maybe buying a CD, but well, LOLBUYINGMUSIC + LOLPOOR.

This is just funny.

Speaks for itsself, really.

Play SNES games... ONLINE

Well, tbh... I tried the Mario World one and it didnt work for me, but idk, it may for you, I generally don't trust my computer as a benchmark for whether things work, the person who built it was a bit of a knob.

How to start making Electronic Music

Well, I haven't had the patience to sit and read this yet, but hey, that sounds pretty SYKKK M8881

So, college is awful as usual, i'm having to wing English Lit becuase I haven't read Great Expectations, and this isn't exactly a small book. SparkNotes to the rescue!

Also, as requested, he's a picture of my new baby sister :)
She looks quite horrified. That's my dad's arm.

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