Thursday, 9 September 2010

stumble upon

I just want to use this to show off a really good site that can be both interesting and a bit of a timewaste, but a fun one nevertheless.

Basically, you sign up, then it will ask you to list your various interests, like, for example, I have:
(Click on any of the links to get a taste of the stuff you'll get linked!)

So, then, when you've set up your account with your interests, you should download the toolbar (I use Firefox, so I dunno if it works with anything else, but I imagine so haha). Then you'll get a toolbar like

So, you basically (after opening a new tab if you want to use the tab you're on...) click the 'Stumble!' button, and it will take you to a page relating to any of your various interests. You can specify if you're looking for anything in particular by clicking the AZ button, which will make a drop down menu. If you like a page you're on, click the 'I like it!' button, which means that if you're wanting to go back to anything you.. well, liked, you click on the 'Favourites' button to get a list of what you liked. I'm not really to up to speed onm the other buttons, but generally that's all you need to know. I think you should get it!

Though, if you're needing to do any work or anything, it can make the hours disappear SO quickly, haha.


  1. cool tip. followed.

  2. ._. i've spent countless hours on stumbleupon. i think i've lost about an year of productivity from it alone

  3. love stumbleupon

    follow me back?

  4. supporting